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Thank you for considering submitting your video(s) to MuslimaSuccessTV.

Please find below an overview of MuslimaSuccessTV and if you would like to go ahead and submit your video(s), please email us at introducing yourself and your area of expertise/topic(s) you would like to present on, and we will send you our specific guidelines if you are selected.

Why contribute to MuslimaSuccessTV?

MuslimaSuccessTV™ is alhamdullilah the FIRST Global Online Channel dedicated to educate, empower and inspire Muslim Women worldwide. It is a space for Muslim Women Experts and leaders to come together and provide their expertise through online programs and videos in order to support Muslim women with achieving ihsan (excellence) so that they can step up, fulfill their potential and make a profound difference in shaAllah.

For more information about please feel free to view our video on the main page and under our About Page.

By contributing your expertise through video format to MuslimaSuccess TV, you will be providing benefit (a form of sadaqajariya, ongoing charity) to,as well as have exposure to, thousands of Muslim women around the world in sha Allah. Therefore, in sha Allah you can be part of a great vision to develop a generation of confident Muslim women who will be able to contribute and enact positive change in our families, schools, mosques, communities, and the world insha Allah, as well as have the opportunity to share and raise awareness about your work/passion/expertise with a large audience.

Who can contribute?

We are looking for Muslim women who are community leaders, educators, speakers and professionals in fields such as faith, marriage, parenting, education and personal development, health and well-being, and career/business and who have a personal interest and passion in being a part of an initiative that strives to develop faith-inspired Muslim women.

What topics can you present on?

We would like to provide a variety of content for our viewers and so we are looking for presentations in different fields,including those mentioned above which pertain to the success of Muslim women in their different life aspects.

Examples of specific topics that our guests have presented on before are included below. If you think you would be interested in providing a series of videos on a particular topic, we would be glad to discuss this with you as well.

· Top Three Challenges Facing Women (Health and Well-Being)

· Reviving Female Scholarship (Faith and Education)

· MuslimWomen and Community Development (Personal Development)

· How to be a Happy Muslim (Healthand Well-Being)

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