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Founder and Director

Raghad Ebied was raised in Canada, and has completed a Masters in Educational Leadership from the U.K., preceded by degrees in psychology, education and certifications in Leadership, Life Coaching, Adults Training, and Relationship Coaching, as well as courses in Islamic Studies, from Canada.   She is the founder of www.MuslimaSuccess.com which offers articles, videos, online and LIVE courses, events and coaching to Muslim women around the world to enable them to achieve excellence in their faith, family, career, and/or contribution to the world. She is a published author with various publications including Azizah Magazine, ProductiveMuslim and onislam.net. She is also the founder of www.DestinationExcellence.ca which offers speaking, training, counseling and consulting services on educational excellence, leadership development, and diversity management and brings over 10 years of experience in working with  schools, government, non-profit, and community organizations both in Canada and the Middle East. She resides with her husband and children in North America.

Advisory Council

Dr. Hadeer Abo El Nagah

Dr. Hadeer is an Associate professor of English at Prince Sultan University at Al Riyadh. A Fulbright International scholar. A graduate of the prestigious Al Azhar University in Cairo, affiliated researcher and former faculty member at The University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Abo El Nagah also taught at Tabiah University at Al Medinah KSA, The State University of New York, Cobleskill NY, and Misr international University in Cairo. She is a frequent guest speaker at conferences in Arab countries and USA. She authored a series of 9 English books and an Arabic book introducing Islam to non-Muslims and translated a large number of books such as: "Islam and the West", "The Ka'aba is the Center of the World", "The Stories of the Prophets" and many others in addition to tens of researches examining the relationship between Islam and the West. She blogs to New York Times and she is a frequent contributor to newspapers in North America. Abo El Nagah’s research interests includes: Muslim Women in Western writings, Multiculturalism and translation, Post-colonial Literature, African American and Arab American women poetry, the literatures of the Diaspora and writings about Islam in North America.  

Dr. Sheema Khan

Dr. Sheema Khan was born in India, and migrated to Montreal with her parents at the age of 3, where she grew up. She attended Mc Gill University, and later on, Harvard University (where she got a PhD in Chemical Physics). She later attended MIT, and then went on to a career in drug delivery technology in which holds a number of patents. She has been active in the Muslim community, having served as Chair of CAIR-CAN for five years. She is a monthly columnist for the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, in which she writes about issues pertaining to Muslims and Islam. A collection of her columns has been published in the book "Of Hockey and Hijab". She was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada in 2012. She is a patent agent in Ottawa, happily married,with three children ma sha Allah.

Dr. Alia El-Banna

Dr. Alia El Banna is an instructor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.   Dr. El Banna has published articles in the areas of international marketing, nation branding, and organizational behavior. In addition, Dr. El Banna co-founded two ventures; a multimedia productions and a consumer electronics company. She has been able to balance her roles as an entrepreneur, an instructor, a wife, and a mother of three children.  Dr. El Banna is very proud to be an academic and entrepreneur, and to present a positive image that can inspire other women on campus and in business.

Sheima Sumer

Sheima Salam Sumer, Ed.S., earned her Master’s degree in Counselor Education from the University of South Carolina in 2007. She has worked as a professional counselor in a variety of settings. She published her first book in 2012 titled, “The Basic Values of Islam: Alphabetically Listed with Islamic References” (AS Noordeen). Her second book, “How to be a Happy Muslim Insha’Allah,” reflects her journey on how to feel good/happy within while being true to Islam, her faith. She hopes that this book will show others how to reconcile Islamic teachings with the goal of feeling positive feelings, for the sake of being a more productive Muslim, insha’Allah. Her website is www.howtobeahappymuslim.com.

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